MAG Version Updates

MAG 3.13.7 - August 2017

Update to Tropical Guidance pages: replace Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory Hurricane Model (GHM) with Hurricanes in a Multi-scale Ocean coupled Non-hydrostatic model (HMON)

  • GHM-FULL and GHM-NESTED have been replaced with HMON-FULL and HMON-NESTED on the Tropical Guidance page. The products have not changed. Note that the storm name/storm ID appears on the Tropical Guidance page as in the past, however only the storm ID appears in the bottom title of the graphic images.

MAG 3.13 - March 2017

Implement 1.5 km resolution Fire Weather (FIREWX) nested model

A single model domain, CONUS-AK, depicts the current fire weather over anywhere in the CONUS or Alaska:

  • Precip Products:

    • precip_p01

    • precip_p12

    • precip_p24

    • precip_p36

    • precip_pwat (precipitable water)

    • dom_precip_type

  • Surface Products:

    • 2m_dwpc

    • 2m_tmpc

    • 2m_rh_10m_wnd

    • 10m_maxwnd

    • sim_radar_1km

    • sim_radar_comp

    • sim_radar_max

    • haines index

    • vent_rate (ventilation rate)

  • Upper-Level Products:

    • 850mb_temp_ht

    • max_downdraft

    • max_updraft

    • max updraft helicity (max_updraft_hlcy)

    • best_cape

    • PBL_height

    • PBL_rich_height (PBL height based on Richardson number)

    • transport_wind

Implement Atlantic Region Storm Surge and Total Water Level for ESTOFS

  • Five new Atlantic areas are added:

    • NE-COAST - Northeast US Coast

    • SE-COAST - Southeast US Coast

    • MID-ATL - Mid-Atlantic US Coast

    • EGOM - East Gulf of Mexico

    • WGOM - West Gulf of Mexico

  • ESTOFS Washington/Oregon area name, WAOR, has been changed to WA-OR

Implement accumulated snowfall products

  • NAM, GFS, NAM-HIRES, and FIREWX - added snow_dpth_chg: change in snow depth since the intial hour

  • GEFS-MEAN-SPRD - added snodpth_chng_mean and snodpth_chng_sprd: mean and spread of snow depth change since the initial hour

  • SREF - added snow_total_mean and snow_total_spread: mean and spread of large scale snowfall in inches since the initial hour
  • RAP and HRRR - added snow_total: total accumulated snowfall in inches for the forecast period


  • NAM-HIRES Alaska and CONUS regions are now 3km resolution.


Improve temporal resolution for precipitation products

  • GFS and NAM Dominant Precip Type can be viewed hourly instead of six-hourly. In addition, boundary layer and 850mb 0C temperature lines are added to the product.

  • Hourly instead of 6-hourly precip from F000 to F120 and 3-hourly instead of 6-hourly precip from F123 to F240 are depicted in the following GFS products:

    • 10m_wnd_precip, 850_temp_mslp_precip, 1000_500_thick, 1000_850_thick, and 850_700 _thick

  • Three-hourly instead of 6-hourly precip is depicted in the following NAM32 and NAM-HIRES products:

    • 10m_wnd_precip, 850_temp_mslp_precip, 1000_500_thick, 1000_850_thick, and 850_700_thick

Mean sea level pressure (PMSL) is replaced with EMSL for all models

A 5-point smoother is applied only to the grid points where the elevation is greater than 200m of high terrain. Changes have been made to the following products:


    • 1000_850_thick

    • 1000_500_thick

    • 850_700_thick

    • 10m_wnd_precip

    • 10m_wnd

    • precip_p01

    • precip_p03

  • GFS and NAM:

    • 1000_850_thick

    • 1000_500_thick

    • 850_700_thick

    • 10m_wnd_2m_temp

    • 10m_wnd_precip

    • precip_p*

Unify Simulated Radar Products:

  • NAM: sim_radar has been renamed to sim_radar_1km

  • NAM-HIRES, HRW-NMMB and HRW-ARW: sim_radar_4km has been removed

Improve Parameter Pages for Model and Tropical Guidance:

  • The Parameter page has been redesigned so when choosing parameters, forecast hours, or defining loop boundaries, page flickers are eliminated.

  • A HELP page has been added to the Parameter page. Before choosing a parameter, clicking the blue “Open page help” button will display help information.

  • Parameter (aka “product”) information can be displayed for multiple parameters without closing the information page.

Other Changes:

  • Improve color fills for upper level isotachs to increase visualization.

  • Improve 500mb AVOR color fills for GFS and NAM.

  • SREF accumulated precip is contoured with different colors to increase visualization.

  • Replace NCEP/NWS/NOAA with NOAA/NWS/NCEP in the title legend.

  • Replace GFS and NAM 500_temp_ht with 500_wnd_ht to support OPC operation.

  • Expand Atlantic area eastward to include west Europe.

  • The MAG’s User Manual is converted from PDF to a web document.

MAG 3.14 - July 2017

Proposed updates (subject to change):

  • Implement model sounding over UAIR stations globally.

  • Add skip factor to user-specified loop.

  • Implement auto-refresh capability so the new products will show up as soon as they are available.

  • Apply coding standards to MAG processor.

  • Improve User Interface.

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